Friday, January 11, 2019

Keep the doors open

My grandmother, Ann D'Addario: A woman who trail blazed her way through a time when it was almost unheard of to have a job let alone a career. She was a buyer for a children's clothing store. Clothing children in style was her passion. A woman whose education did not go beyond high school taught us that education is one of your best assets and to strive to go as far as your mind will take you. 
Mine took me to law school and she proudly attended my graduation. She was a woman of uncompromising values and strong opinions. She inspired me to always speak my mind and not to compromise my values or integrity. A world traveler into her 80s, she still had time to make me chicken soup when I was sick. 
As with most Italian grandmothers, she taught me to always keep the door to my home and heart opened.  
As I look back on her life, I am amazed at the strength and courage she had to live her life her way as I inspire to do the same.  
by Joanne D’Aurizio 

Ann D'Addario